Nobel Prize Winning Investing Principles

Be empowered to capture the generous returns of the market while eliminating the myths of stock picking and timing the market.

Cornerstone Wealth Partners is a coaching company. We help families discover the value of their money so they can invest intentionally and without regret.

Meet Jordan

Meet Jordan

Jordan's True Purpose for Money™ is to leave a legacy of hope, freedom, and generosity for everyone he has the opportunity to impact. He does this by serving families in West Michigan as a Ramsey Trusted SmartVestor Pro with Cornerstone Wealth Partners.

$56MM+ Wealth Created

More than $56,000,000 of wealth created by clients empowered to capture market returns.

800+ Happy Investors

More than 800 happy families being served right here in West Michigan and beyond.

$175MM+ Being Stewarded

More than $175,000,000 being stewarded for families just like yours.

The only thing worse than speculating and gambling with your own money is to pay somebody else to do it for you.


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Three Destructive Myths

Financial advisors are NO BETTER at picking hot stocks and timing market swings than you. Why? Because the research shows it’s an inherently flawed approach… (with high fees...)

Myth #1: Stock Picking

Choosing individual stocks based on a belief they will do well in the future.

Myth #2: Market Timing

Any attempt to alter or change the mix of assets based on a prediction or forecast about the future.

Myth #3: Track-Record Investing

The use of performance history to determine the best investments for the future.

Devastating Results

DALBAR is an organization that has studied investor performance since 1990. Here's what they've found...

S&P 500:

Avg. Investor:


Behavior Gap:





For a married couple investing $500 into their Roth IRA's each month for 30 years, here's the difference...

S&P 500:

Avg. Investor:


Lost Wealth:





We are committed to empower your family to close this gap because real dreams require real returns.

Academic Investing

We apply three empirically tested, Nobel Prize-winning academic theories in our approach to portfolio construction. No guessing. Pure investing science.

Modern Portfolio Theory

By combining complementary asset classes, investors are able to increase their expected return while simultaneously reducing risk.

Read the 1990 Nobel Prize winning research by Dr. Harry Markowitz.

Efficient Market Hypothesis

The price of a stock reflects all of the knowable and predictable information. Therefore, only new, unknowable, and unpredictable information will impact the price of the stock in the future.

Read the research by Nobel Laureate Dr. Eugene Fama.

Three Factor Model

Owning equities, value company stocks, and low book-to-market company stocks offer a proven premium in returns over time.

Read the 2013 Nobel Prize winning research by Dr. Eugene Fama.

Investors are set free when they decide they can't predict the future and realize they don't have to.

Two Worlds of Investing

Until you can see the two distinct worlds of investing clearly for yourself, you won’t be empowered to make the choice that best serves you.

Two Key Questions

When you decide that you can't predict the future and realize you don't have to, you become laser focused on two key questions.

Historically, where have the best returns been in the market and why?

How do you reduce unnecessary costs to
capture the most of what the market has to offer?



Seven Declarations

There are seven key principles that we commit to when building an investment portfolio for the families we serve.

Our Process

Utilizing Nobel Prize-winning investing principles doesn't have to be a complex endeavor. Our simple process makes it quick and easy!

Discovery Call

Let's connect for a quick 15-minute call to see how I can help based on your goals.



We'll meet and introduce you to the power of Academic Investing and the difference it can make.


Portfolio MRI

Next, we will compare your current portfolio to one that is academically engineered.



Looking for the next ‘best thing’ (stocks or financial advisors)

Fear of missing out and always worrying about the future

Being unaware of the excessive and hidden costs of active management 

Using an imprecise or subjective measurement for risk like "Aggressive" 

Using largely anecdotal evidence to determine “how it’s going”


Focus on predictably and consistently capturing market returns

Have peace of mind about the future knowing you aren't banking on predictions

Measure and minimize unnecessary costs to capture the most of the market's return

Precisely measure your exact risk tolerance using Standard Deviation

Precisely measure your historical rate of return based on GIPS®

1) Eliminate speculating and gambling.

2) Invest in the equity premium.

3) Invest in the small premium.

4) Invest in the value premium.

5) Globally diversify.

6) Utilize high-quality, short term fixed income.

7) Rebalance and stay disciplined

Eliminate the MythsEscape Being AverageDiscover Investing ScienceBe Empowered to ChooseDiscover the AnswersImplement All SevenSchedule Your Call

How We Compare

The financial services industry has been setup to and is really good at selling products rather than actually coaching families.


Massive national call-center firms that delegate you to their assistants

Selling commission-based products under the guise of 'financial planning'

Not a fiduciary, meaning they aren't obligated to act in your best interests

Changes investment strategies every few years trying to chase what was hot

Unable to provide audited returns to show you their real returns for their actual clients


Local, independent, and family founded West Michigan firm

We are a fee-only firm meaning we make no commissions... and we're proud of it!

We are a fiduciary, meaning we're sworn before regulators to act in your best interest

Unwavering commitment to the academic research for 30+ years
We can provide 30+ years of GIPS® audited returns proving the academics work

Don't Settle for Less

Any investment strategy that depends on a prediction about the future is speculating and gambling with your money.

Three Myths3.52% Return GapTwo QuestionsAcademic InvestingTwo WorldsFree ResourceOur ProcessHow We Compare7 Declarations

Free Resource

Traditional predictive investment approaches leave investors asking the wrong questions. Asking the right questions is the first step.

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This chart is for educational purposes only. Indices are unmanaged, cannot be invested in directly and their returns do not represent the performance of any actual fund or transactions and do not include management fees, transaction costs or expenses. In its 2022 Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior, Dalbar defines "Average Investor” as “The universe of all mutual fund investors whose actions and financial results are restated to represent a single investor. This approach allows the entire universe of mutual fund investors to be used as the statistical sample, ensuring ultimate reliability.” p. 25. “Average equity and average fixed income investor”, as used in the same study, is that subset investing only in equity or fixed income mutual funds. See pgs. 25-26. Dalbar’s average investor equity and fixed income fund returns are set forth in a table on p.5.